Video War Games Affect On Adolescents
Suggested Books
Games, Gamers and Gaming Culture
Links to computer and video game research resources. Bibliography of game research,researchers, organisations, conferences, archives, news.
Ragnar TØrnquist Interview - Interviews - Stratos Group
Interview with the Lead Designer and Writer of The Longest Journey.
Should a Christian Play Dungeons & Dragons?
Article by William Schnoebelen.
The Human Nature Daily Review edited by Ian Pitchford - News ...
News and updates on current developments in brain and behavioural sciences andrelated fields.
Doogie Howser vs. Niles Crane @ WWWF Grudge Match
The two diminuitive doctors face-off in an old-fashioned street fight.
Faith & Therapy
Article by William Kilpatrick denouncing the blending of Christian faith andpractice with the therapeutic practices of self-help and building self-esteem.
Teen Sexual Behaviors: Issues and Concerns
Resources and information on teen sexual behavior, teen pregnancy, and sexualityissues.
Comparison USA-Germany
The personal thoughts of Axel Boldt, a German-born college professor living inthe United States, about life in Germany and the United States.
Psychology and Crime News
Articles of interest from a forensic psychological context.
Boing Boing: April 2002
The situation, used as a rallying cry against Verisign by Cory Doctorow.
A Conversation With Orson Scott Card *Writers Write -- The IWJ*
A conversation with the author by Claire White, as published in The InternetWriting Journal in September of 1999.
The End of Economic Growth
A Preservation Institute Policy Study By Charles Siegel.
Premier Bodybuilding Links/The GymRat's Weblog - News for muscleheads.
Links to bodybuilding and weightlifting sites, including Nordic sites, news and FAQs.
Arizona's Home Page
The Revealer, a daily review of religion and the press
A daily review of religion in the media.
Fibromyalgia - Understanding Fibromyalgia and the Treatment of ...
In-depth review of fibromyalgia symptoms and treatment by Blair Lamb, MD Focusis on pain information, treatment and relief.
Heavy Ordnance
Using the Reflex System players live out their childhood fantasies.
Midnight Eye review: Battle Royale II: Requiem (2003, Kinji and ...
A review by Jasper Sharp: "...both breathtakingly bold in audience targeting andpotentially foolish in the way that it avails itself all too easily to all ...
Orange County (2002): Reviews
Quotes from and links to reviews of the film, and an overall rating.
Mrs. Doubtfire vs. Tootsie @ WWWF Grudge Match
The two manly ladies fight it out. [humor]
>McCaffrey will resign from drug czar post in January - October 16 ...
Cool Books for Tough Guys. . .
High school English teacher's list of fifty books that will appeal to males whodo not enjoy reading.
Strategy Gaming Online - Reviews: Freedom Force
[7.5/10] By Joel Rasdall. "...[C]omic book fans that want to see their favoritescome to life should get this game."
My Travels
Photos and journal, poems and quotes.
Mark Hughes: RPG: What's Wrong With AD&D?
Critique of the illogical rules and inconsistencies of the game system.
Hit and Run
Continuous news, reviews, and abuse by the staff of Reason magazine.
Rant: Ignoramus
Essay on Balkan history, with timeline, written in 1999.
Chicago Reader Movie Review
Just worth seeing. [2/4]
Spitting Image
About any visual representation of something that can be copied and the techonologiesthat make that happen.
Ute Lemper Interview
1995 interview from Deuce of Clubs.
McSweeney's Internet Tendency: Reasons to Dispatch Bush
Draws on facts and quotes of the George W. Bush administration to portray him as inept.
Milk Plus: a discussion of film
A discussion of film.
Star Seeker TV Shows (AL)
Large, searchable database of mostly older shows, with plot summaries and linksto actors.
Covering topics such as Basic Beliefs in Contemporary Art Education, A Historyof Educational Thought and Recent Art History, among others.
83.03.03: The Short Story: A Slice of Life
Materials and ideas for "issues of the family" and "issues of identity," by Jane K.Marshall, from the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute.
Vintage Reading Group Center
Reading group guides for every interest: from fiction to memoirs, award winnersto bestsellers. Fully searchable.
Ed Batista
Thoughts on design, technology, advocacy, and marketing.
Book Chapter: Language Education Department, School of Education ...
Critical conversations are important because they highlight diversity and differencewhile calling attention to the nature and role of literacy in our society.
Volume 3 -- Cagney, Jimmy to Curran, Glorya
Biography from the massive 'toon reference.
Environment, politics, opinion and quality of life issues for Arvada, Colorado,and the USA.
The Axis of Stevil
Feed for featuring posts and commentary.
Children of a Darker God: A Taxonomy of Deep Horror Fiction and ...
Long paper on the real meaning of horror in film and fiction.
Electropolis: Communication and Community on Internet Relay Chat
University of Melbourne Department of History Honours Thesis by Elizabeth M.Reid, 1991.
> o'k
A personal weblog of an extremely well written, funny, sane and delightful person.
The Hacker Demo Scene And It's Cultural Artifacts by George ...
A paper that reports on a study undertaken into vernacular forms of multimediaproduction referred to as "demos" or "intros" and variants of these terms among ...

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