Video Games Cause Violence
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With ladders for real-time strategy, first person shooter, and sports games.Includes media area. - News & Information Homepage
Daily news from America's best-selling newspaper. Includes world, national, state,sports, business, and lifestyle news.
GameArchive: General Info
Curtis Hart and his collection.
Games, Gamers and Gaming Culture
Links to computer and video game research resources. Bibliography of game research,researchers, organisations, conferences, archives, news.
Video Games, Toys, Robotic Pets & Entertainment
AI Topics provides basic, understandable information and helpful resourcesconcerning artificial intelligence, with an emphasis on material available online.
Goldstein, Jeffrey. "Does Playing Violent Video Games Cause ...
Quick and very sharp critique of the validity of recent research on video gamesand violence.
N. Ioannidis: Essay on media violence
Includes articles on media violence and video games.
Video Game Addiction: Do we need a Video Gamers Anonymous?
Student research paper on games addiction by Mary Schlimme.
Facts About Media Violence and Effects on the American Family ...
Research data tracking television viewing habits and behavior patterns,population/homicide rate data, cartoon violence, video games, internet, music, ...
Video Game Culture: Leisure and Play Preferences of BC Teens
Victory Over Violence
Addresses the alarming escalation of violence and decreasing respect for life.
Shacknews - It gets you chicks
News, reviews, and downloads.
Slashdot: Games
User submitted news.
OCP - [H]arder than ever.
There's no dodging his lens
The Watchman Expositor: Games - Fantasy or Reality?
Article from the "Youth and the Occult" issue of the Watchman Expositer. - ISSUE GUIDES
Media Mayhem
Drew Curtis'
Interesting, bizarre and amusing news stories, along with regular photo manipulationcontests.
A weblog offering opinions on current events, as well as humor and personal notes.
GamerDad - Pirates! (PC)
Sid Meier's Pirates! Review [Score 5 of 5]
The Parents, The Kids, and The Interactive TV
SURPRISE 96 journal report on interactive TV by Keval Pindoria and Gerald Wong.
Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Conduct Disorder in Children and ...
Discusses definitions, causes, diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis.
ADD/ADHD & Behavioral Problems: Nutritional causes, therapies ...
Offers alternative diagnoses, other than attention deficit disorders, for behavioraland attention problems in children and adults. Includes thyroid problems ...
game girl advance: Under Ash
Description and discussion of the game.
Toddlers: Growth and Development
Reviewed articles on growth and development issues in toddlers.
British journalist who also writes books on the history of science and technology,drawing parallels between modern and historical technologies.
Is Pokémon Addictive?
by Leonard Holmes, Ph.D.
Civilization Essay
Essay about Civilization II and its discontents.
The Morning News - The Non-Expert: IKEA, by Matthew Baldwin
How to survive the five treacherous worlds of IKEA.
CNN - Does shoot-'em-up software lead to aggressive behavior ...
Should You Worry About School Violence?
Addresses legitimate concerns about school violence and provides ways young peoplecan help to ensure that their school remains safe.
Youth Violence: A Report of the Surgeon General
This report, ordered by Congress and the Clinton administration after the ColumbineHigh School shooting, examines the factors that lead young people to ...
Taking the Bully by the Horns - Bullying, School Violence, Self-esteem
Articles and advice from this self-help book providing young people with theskills needed to deal with bullies and maintain healthy self-esteem.
Kingdom of Loathing - Website Review
Reviewer feels that the game is not suitable for children of any age, primarilybecause of the emphasis on alcohol consumption, and also because of the violence ...
The Stentorian: Second Amendment Site
Resources, downloadable royalty-free leaflets, analysis, and commentary.
Welcome to
Humorous ezine and tongue-in-cheek guide to Knoxville, including restaurantreviews, satirical news stories, and similar features.
Juvenile Offenders and Troubled Teens
North Carolina Wesleyan College Justice Studies Department. Short but well-definedglossary of legal terms and an essay on juvenile crime describing indicators ...
Rebel Without a Cause (1955)
Cast/credits plus other information about the film.
Nonmilitary Options for Youth
An Austin response to military ...
National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund - police, cops ...
Homepage for the US National Memorial in Washington, DC.
James Bond 007 in Agent Under Fire for Xbox - James Bond 007 in ...
Joe Fielder review [6.8/10] includes screenshots and movies. "Fans of GoldenEye007 and other console first-person shooters will find Agent Under Fire a ... - Computer games 'cause brain damage' - August 20, 2001
Grumpy Gamer
Personal page of Ron Gilbert, designer of Secret of Monkey Island.
James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire for GameCube - James Bond 007 ...
Contains a site review, reader reviews, screenshots, and movies. Review by JoeFielder, score 6.8/10.
IGN: TimeSplitters: Future Perfect
Press releases, news, features, previews, review, cheats, FAQs, screenshots,videos, and a message board. - Preview
Preview with screen shots by Raymond Padilla. "Armed & Dangerous is all aboutblowing stuff up and bawdy humor."

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