Invention Of Video Games
Suggested Books
The Video Game Revolution
The Dot Eaters - Classic Video Game History
The history of videogames, from arcade, home consoles and computers. Includespictures and audio files, as well as text covering the history of major machines ...
video games
A personal story of the early video game history., save up to 80% every day!
Sells a variety of name brand overproduced and discontinued items. (Nasdaq: OSTK)
Games, Gamers and Gaming Culture
Links to computer and video game research resources. Bibliography of game research,researchers, organisations, conferences, archives, news.
exploremy : brief history of the computer
The author takes the user through a short tour of computer history includingsubjects such as advances in the 50's and 60's. Also includes photos of Charles ...
Video Games, Toys, Robotic Pets & Entertainment
AI Topics provides basic, understandable information and helpful resourcesconcerning artificial intelligence, with an emphasis on material available online.

Dr. R. Standler's professional homepage
Attorney's home page including numerous essays about law, privacy, and technologyissues.
Video Game Culture: Leisure and Play Preferences of BC Teens
ATARI.ORG / Home / The Definitive Atari Resource on the Internet
News, forums, and site hosting.
Video games
A trip report from the International Games Cultures Conference in Bristol, UK,29 June-1 July 2001.
E-zine covering beer, sex, music and fun. Includes searchable beer reviews,grilling advice, humor, videos and desktop wallpaper. - Free Men's Online Magazine
Offers tips, hints, and guides about sex, women, relationships, dating, cheating,fashion, and health.
HowStuffWorks - Learn how Everything Works!
Explanations about form and function in science and technology.
Theremin World
Theremin information including bands who use them, photos and sound, messageboards, where to buy theremins, how to build theremins, and a growing registry of ...
A weblog discussing programming, Web design and usability, gadgetry, and randomthings found on the Web.
ASE Labs: Computers, Technology, News & Reviews
News and reviews for computers.
PONG : Who did it first ?
Article by Ralph Baer.
Backgammon History
The history of backgammon including where the game originated, how it progressedto the version in use today, as well as the modern history of backgammon.
ArtsJournal: Daily Arts News
Daily arts news from more than 100 newspapers, magazines and e-publications.
Lego Mindstorms: What Went Wrong?
Analysis: "For several years now, Lego has not introduced any new Mindstormssets, and the company has discontinued almost everything in the Mindstorms line ... Patent Applications Updated Each Week, RSS ...
Listing of recent US patent applications with keyword monitoring and RSS feeds.
The history of the two pillars, pong and asteroids, of the home gaming market.
Coin-Op Museum: Zero Wing
Game information and photographs.
Writing For Multimedia: Great Moments In Multimedia History
A chronology that explores the origins and evolution of the components thatcomprise modern-day multimedia. - The History of Computer Gaming - Part 1
Part one of this multi-part history features William Higinbotham who created thefirst game: Tennis for 2. With photographs and audio clip.
Sudoku - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An encyclopedia entry describing the rules, history, strategies and varients of Sudoku.
Magnavox Odyssey FAQ
Includes detailed information.
FORTRAN - The First Successful High Level Programming Language
Short essay by Mary Bellis, part of the "Inventors of the Modern Computer Series"series.
FRONTX - FRONT PANEL COMPUTER PORT ( front usb, front ieee 1394 ...
A product to flexibly relocate individual port to the front of a computer system.
The Tao Of Programming
Koan-style advice to apprentice programmers.
Patent Protection for Computer Software In Europe and Japan
Information regarding the protection of computer-related inventions, from thelaw firm of Ladas and Perry. - Reviews: Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX
Review of Dreamcast version, with screen shots. Score: 80 out of 100.
Two Pilots software
Software for quick and easy color correction using the natural language of color.
Ataxx - Origins
History of the game.
Leetspeak: A parent's primer to computer slang
Microsoft's guide to online slang.
SoYouWanna patent something?
Article discusses step-by-step the patent application process.
Treciokas Games
Two falling block games, one with diamonds and the other using triangle shapes.Also offers a maze game where the goal is to collect moving objects in a certain ...
Brass Lantern How Adventure Games Age
While graphic adventure games tend to look very dated very quickly, text adventuresstill seem fresh a decade after they were written. By Stephen Granade.
The Web Games Ring
Webring featuring web sites with interactive games to download or play straightfrom browsers. Founded on 11/23/1998.
SPACEWAR - by Stewart Brand - Fanatic Life and Symbolic Death ...
Famous Rolling Stone article by Stewart Brand, part of which discusses PARC, AlanKay, Dynabook, Smalltalk.
DDR4Health: News
Focused on using DDR as an exercise tool. Also covers other aspects of "exercisegaming."
Software repositories and review sites
Post your own game review or gamesite review or read and vote on reviews by otherplayers and web surfers.
Casino City Times - Gaming Gurus
Hundreds of archived strategy articles from over forty gaming writers.
Agent(Patent) - Franklin Gray Patents, LLC
Robert H. Frantz, patenting services. Dallas, Texas.
Seriously! - Leading coverage of Serious Sam 2 and other Serious ...
Covers all games using the Serious engine. News, articles, screenshots, downloads,game information, interviews, mods, hosting and forums.

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